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Thermal springs are frequently met in the volcanic districts. Kamchatka is not an exception to the rule: nearly 150 different groups of thermal springs are situated on the peninsula. Some of them are described below.

Vilyuchinckiye thermal springs
Vilyuchinckiye thermal springs consist of two groups of springs with temperature of 40 – 600C. They are located in the picturesque valley of the Vilyucha River surrounded with small-leaved forests and underwood.

Nalychevskiye thermal springs
These are the largest carbonated springs on Kamchatka. They flow from the instream area of the Goryachaya and Zheltaya Rivers; the space is more than 2 sq.km.

Talovye thermal springs
The springs are situated in the distance of 6 km from Nalychevskiye springs. The spring exits are spread alongside 1 km distance. The temperature is 31-380C.

Krayevedcheskiye thermal springs
The exits of the spring are located alongside the banks of the Talaya River, 2 km higher than its fall into the Shaybnaya River. They are seen in the marshy floodplain alongside the distance of 100 m. Its taste is bitter and salty; its composition reminds of that of Nalychevskiye thermal springs.

Bolshe-Bannye thermal springs
The springs are represented by 24 groups of springs at the space of around 1,5 km and are situated on the upland fringe of the left bank of the Bannaya River. Chemical composition of the water is mainly sodium sulfate with general mineralization of 0.7 – 1.4 g/l and silicon oxide content of 300 mg/l.

Khodutskiye thermal springs
Khodutskiye thermal springs form the wide lake and the Goryachaya River that is 1 km long and 15-20 m wide.
The springs are announced a natural monument of landscape and balneological character and are very popular with tourists.

Verkhne-Paratunskiye thermal springs
The springs are located in the valley of the Paratunka River. The water temperature is 39 – 700C. The water contains chloride, sulfate, calcium, sodium and limited silicon (up to 45 mg/l). General mineralization is 1 g/l, arsenic content is 0.3 mg/l.

Karymchinskiye thermal springs
These thermal springs are situated in the narrow valley surrounded with high rocky mountains. Exits go alongside the river banks within the distance of 4 km long; water temperature is up to 650C.

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