About Kamchatka


Kamchatka is an amazing region that offers various types of tourism and recreation. The main sight of Kamchatka is its pristine nature untouched by a human. The Kamchatka Region is eco-friendly and wild nature, rich flora and fauna, unique natural phenomena and monuments.

Kamchatka offers walking, water, horse riding, and air tours, excursions, walking holidays and cruises. Tourists will get acquainted with history, volcanology, geology, ethnography, culture, animal and plant life of Kamchatka.

For those who prefer active recreation Kamchatka offers rafting tours. Kamchatka mountain streams with rapids and waterfalls allow conducting rafting of any complexity

Hunting and fishing on Kamchatka. In Kamchatka rivers salmon, whitespotted char, mikizha, trout, loach and smelt are fished. Fishing is held with spinning rod and by fly-fishing. Moreover the principle of “catch and let it go” popular all over the world also becomes popular on Kamchatka.
Hunters are offered to hunt Kamchatka brown bear, moose, bighorn sheep, wolf and bobcat as well as some kinds of waterfowl and forest birds. .

Horse riding tours
Kamchatka offers the following horse riding tours: to Timonovskiye thermal mineral springs in Elizovskiy district, to Nalychevskaya valley, to Lake Ikar and Lake Galyamaki as well as Ichinskiy Volcano in Bystrinskiy district, to Tumrok and Pushchinskiy thermal mineral springs in Milkovskiy district.

Sea tours, diving
Recreation on Kamchatka also includes sea tours in the water area of Avachinskaya bay and Avachinskiy gulf. Sea tours are popular because of the variety of sea shore landscapes, beauty of the bays. Diving is popular because of the exotica of the submarine world.

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