About Kamchatka


The Kamchatka Region is located in the far North-East of Russia and occupies the territory of 472300 sq. km. The Kamchatka Region comprises part of the continent, the Kamchatka peninsula as well as Karaginskiy and Komandorskiye Islands. In the South Kamchatka borders to the Kuril Islands, in the North and North-West – to Chukotka Autonomous Region and Magadan Region. In the East it is washed by the Pacific Ocean, in the North-East – by the Bering Sea and in the West – by the Sea of Okhotsk..

The Kamchatka climate is characterized by variable weather caused by its geographical position and influence of the surrounding seas and the Pacific Ocean as well as movement of air masses and landscape. Long snowy winter and rainy autumn occupy 2/3 of the year. Kamchatka is the only region in Russia characterized by volcano activity. It is also one of the branches of the famous “Fiery Ring” of the Pacific Ocean. More than 70% of its territory is occupied with mountains. The peninsula contains more than 1000 volcanoes, 29 of which are active and around 300 – dead. The highest active Eurasian volcano is Klyuchevskaya Sopka. Volcanic activity does not always mean explosions. There are 274 mineral springs on Kamchatka. The water temperature in them varies from 120C to 1000C (for those who like it hot).

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