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Экскурсионные объекты на Камчатке

More than 14.5% of Kamchatka territory is a specially protected area. There are 3 conservation areas, 4 natural parks and 84 natural reserves on Kamchatka. Six zones called “Kamchatka’s Volcanoes” are included in thе list of the UNESCO world heritage. These are caldera of the Uzon Volcano, Kronotsky Biosphere Preservation Area, Nalychevo Natural Park, Bystrinskiy Natural Park, South Kamchatka Natural Park, Klyuchevskiy Natural Park.

One can see unique natural phenomena, climate peculiarities, natural resources when visiting natural parks of Kamchatka.

Caldera of the Uzon Volcano is a huge 10 km cavity; its area makes up 150 sq. km. The caldera was formed at the place of the destroyed volcano.

The Valley of Geysers is situated in Kronotsky State Biosphere Preservation Area and is considered one of the seven wonders in Russia. The valley is one of the biggest geyser fields in the world and the only one in Eurasia.

Avachinskaya Bayis a very beautiful and comfortable sea harbor that is interesting for the fans of sea cruises, fishing and diving.

Timonovskiye Thermal Springs.
According to their type the springs refer to Zheleznovodsk – Pyatigorsk waters. The springs are located on the banks of the narrow valley of the Timonovskaya River that is a left confluent of the Srednyaya Avacha River. It is the area of Timonovskiy Preservation Area, within the distance of 90 km to Elisovo.

The Bystraya Riveris one of the most popular rafting river on Kamchatka. Rafting takes place in the middle flow of the river starting in the village of Malki.

Beside the above-mentioned natural sights Kamchatka can offer other places of interest such as Mutnovsko – Gorelovskaya, Avachinskaya and Klyuchevskaya volcano groups, Tolbachinskiy volcano and so on.

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